As a bespoke service we make sure our service meets your needs.
Below are some of the services our team commonly deliver to our clients. 

 Whole school development:
  • Whole school SEND Audits/ Reviews
  • Whole staff SEND training 
  • Leadership  Support and Training
  • SENCo training, coaching and mentoring
  • SEND focused lesson observations
  • SEND action plans 
  • SEND finances and re-structures
  • Governance support: Supporting governing bodies through SEND guidance and compliance.

Child focused services:
  • Child specific observations, assessments and strategies
  • EHCP: Effective application writing,  costings and implementation 
  • EHCP tribunal support.
  • Child and teacher specific staff training to support pupils and teaching staff through specific difficulties. 

Prices vary depending on the size of provision and your specific requirements. Please contact us for an informal conversation.